Thursday, April 1, 2010

83.47 Miles in 2010

2.9 miles today for the Week 6, Day 1 workout. I am feeling pretty cruddy right now (I get sinus infection symptoms with PMS - ugh), and I had hoped that running would make me feel better. Proud, maybe, but definitely not better this time.

This did make me feel better, though. A challenge friend had this to say via e-mail:
I also wanted to let you know that your 20 minute run the other day really inspired me. It's impressive when [someone] runs a half marathon, but it's hard to translate that back to what I can do. You are at about the same level as I am, so your success really helped me realize that maybe I really can do it to. Thank you!

My exercise habits have never been considered encouraging before, so that is really, really cool. Thanks, friend!

Nike+ Graph

Walked at 4.0, ran at 4.9


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I'm inspired by your progress and commitment! Way to go!