Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8.28 Miles/148.5 Minutes in 2011

I'm not sure how updated I'm going to keep this blog.  TBD.

Anyway, went for another walk on the trail last Friday and got pretty tired.

Made my triumphant return to the Rec Center today and did the c25k Week 1 workout then walked to 45 minutes.  Feels good to get moving again!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2.32 Miles/47.26 Miles in 2011

I'll go back and wrap up 2010 when I get a chance, but let's not dwell on the past, huh?  2011.  The challenge this year (see link at right) is miles or minutes.  I think I'm going to do both, with 300 as my miles goal.  I'm starting off the year sick again, but I'm not as far behind as last year!


Mom and I went for a walk on the trail this afternoon to get our wheels going. 2.32 miles in 47.26 minutes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

236.19 Miles in 2010

The good news is that I'm farther behind on this blog than I am in exercising.  I'm starting to get my mojo back, I think.  Good thing!  Warrior Dash is 3 weeks from Saturday.

10/06/2010 - 2.71 miles Nike+ Graph
10/12/2010 - 2.37 miles Nike+ Graph
10/20/2010 - 3.01 miles Nike+ Graph
10/26/2010 - 3.00 miles Nike+ Graph c25k W5D1
10/28/2010 - 3.00 miles Nike+ Graph c25k W5D2

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

222.10 Miles in 2010

Playing catch up again...

09/04/2010 - 2.93 miles Nike+ Graph
09/08/2010 - 2.05 miles Nike+ Graph
09/17/2010 - 3.06 miles Nike+ Graph
09/22/2010 - 2.65 miles Nike+ Graph

I am not doing well without a plan/schedule. I am thinking I will pick back up the c25k plan at Week 5 to get my groove back.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

214.34 Miles in 2010

2.93 miles on Towne Lake Trail with Kellsey yesterday morning. Technically, it's a 5K loop, but since I've always measured with my Nike+ on here, I will keep with it. We did 5/1.5 run/walk intervals. Despite using my inhaler before the run, I was still wheezing. Darn. I'll blame it on being outside in Austin.

I will update with a Nike+ graph when I get home and synced.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

211.41 Miles in 2010

2.01 miles tonight on the treadmill. I forgot to do my inhaler until I was pretty much done with my warm-up, and it showed. Wheezing city! Must remember to give it some lead time to work.

Oh, and I rested yesterday. Needed it.

Nike+ Graph

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

209.4 Miles in 2010

Shorter runs on the home treadmill yesterday and today. I'd like to do two more short runs Wed and Thurs, rest Friday, then have my run with Kells on Saturday. Maybe shorter-but-more-frequent will work better for me? I don't know, but I just want to keep on running!

08/30/3010 - Nike+ Graph
08/31/2010 - Nike+ Graph