Friday, April 30, 2010

112.48 Miles in 2010

3.82 miles today for Week 9, Day 1. Week 9, y'all. Did you ever think I'd get here?

I ran for 30 minutes at 5.0. Looks like that got me around 2.7 miles, so I still need to work on my speed a bit to get to 3 miles.

Nike+ Graph

After c25k, it's going to about aiming for a 5K. I don't have one picked out, but I'm starting to look at the calendar. It's about to get dang hot around here, but I want to be confident that I can do the 3.1 miles outside successfully. I bet I could do it now as a push, but with a couple of more weeks of training, I think I can be there legitimately.


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LauraC said...

I knew you could do it!!

There is an 8K (5 miles) the weekend you are here. It's for the Durham Bulls and it ends inside the stadium. Might be a stretch but would be FUN! Even if we walk/ran it.