Sunday, April 18, 2010

101.34 Miles in 2010

Over 100 miles! Woo hoo!

Tonight, I did the third day of Week 7 for 3.21 miles at 4.9. I plan to start Week 8 on Tuesday.

I was sad to miss out on the March for Babies (5 miles) Saturday morning, but AJC woke up with a fever. Boo! So tonight was an unplanned workout. As such, of course, it was raining and the Rec Center is closed on Sunday. So I did a free pass to the 24Hour Fitness. Pretty amazing to have all of those facilities... there weren't any sales people there tonight, but I may go try to strike a deal some time this week. The website said it was $45/month (too much), but a friend got a deal where she and her husband are only like $55/month together. It would be so nice to have the childcare option!

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Heidi O said...

YAY! Way to go. It is such a milestone to get to 100. Now I am excited to hit 150 mark.