Monday, June 28, 2010

171.18 Miles in 2010

3.46 miles at the Rec today. Grandma was here, so she watched the kiddos while I snuck out for an hour. It felt GREAT. Check out those sub-10 minute miles on the graph!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

167.72 Miles in 2010

3.13 miles on my treadmill tonight. I haven't run anywhere else since I've gotten it. Work has been busy, Bryan has been traveling, and I've been teaching VBS this week, so it's a good thing I have a flexible option! I have lost my personal motivation, so I'm glad to have the Challenge to at least get me moving. Hopefully, the funk will end soon.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

164.59 Miles in 2010

2.41 miles on my treadmill today. Then I mowed. Holy moly, it was hot. And my legs are tirrrrred. Luckily, there is a margarita in my future.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

162.18 Miles in 2010

2.89 miles on my home treadmill today. I am just not feeling it this week. Plus, I think we need to calibrate the treadmill somehow. It's so much faster than the gym ones I have run on, and it's giving me more credit than Nike+ on distance. I'm staying with Nike+ as the source of record, but it's frustrating not to know what's right.

Nike+ Graph

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WW Update

I was thinking of discontinuing my WW Online membership, but I think I will keep it for a while longer. I'm not very committed to staying within my weekly points lately... vacation really got me off track! I feel like I've made some good trades at home, and I'm more aware of what I'm eating. I might actually do better with the accountability of meetings, but that's also not how I want to use my free time if I have it!

I'm down to 146.2, which means I've lost more than 10 lbs since I started. I was actually surprised I hadn't gained after the past three weeks of eating, so I'll take it! My Wii Fit seems to think my ideal BMI is 22.0, and I'll hit that at 140 lbs. We'll see when I get there. All I know is that I was in my bathing suit all day yesterday, and I was only self-conscious a few times. I'll take that, too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

159.29 Miles in 2010

2.47 miles tonight on my new (to me) treadmill! I decided to go with the Horizon T81 I found on Craig's List rather than pay twice as much for a new one. That way, if I've made a bad decision and need to upgrade some day, I don't have too much in it. The guy that owns the second-hand place with the scratch and dent deals (new) said he'd call me if they get anything great.

It's a little bigger in our room than I expected it to be, but it will work. We just need to get used to it. There is one other way we can arrange things if we need to try something different. I have my old 19" tv in there with our old DirecTiVo (non-HD). I had no idea what would be on the TiVo, but there were a bunch of Mentalists, a show I haven't kept up with. I might see if I can get some TV on DVD to watch. Meanwhile, I'm also pricing out 32" flat screens. =)

Anyway, I wasn't really feeling the run tonight, but it was nice to have means for a good indoor walk!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

156.82 Miles in 2010

3.85 miles on the treadmill at the Rec this morning. Felt GREAT! I bumped up the speed to 5.4 for a while, so that's good progress. First two miles were under 10 minute pace. =)

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Monday, June 7, 2010

152.97 Miles in 2010

3.15 miles this morning with LauraC! I was visiting her in North Carolina, and it was all-sweaty-as-soon-as-you-step-outside HOT. Along with the hills, I ended up asking to walk most of it. Still fun, though! My ipod was dead, so here is Laura's

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Back on WW today after two [delicious] weeks off.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

149.82 Miles in 2010

3.87 miles on the treadmill at the rec tonight. It was a good test of Run vs. Wallow in Self Pity methods of getting out of a funk. Running was a good choice.

My cousin's daughter took a bunch of pictures at the pool at our reunion last weekend. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

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