Saturday, June 19, 2010

164.59 Miles in 2010

2.41 miles on my treadmill today. Then I mowed. Holy moly, it was hot. And my legs are tirrrrred. Luckily, there is a margarita in my future.

Nike+ Graph


Kellsey said...

Hope it was a good margarita! Proud of you for your running. Good job, good job...g-o-o-d j-o-b, good job, good job!!! ( I can literally hear Katy's voice in my head cheering this has been years since I heard it, but it has stuck).

love you.

Andres Moran said...

Hi Lindsay, congrats on making progress towards all those goals you set! Not that you need much more motivation, but we've created a rewards program for Nike+ users. It's called Earndit, and you can signup for free at We'd love to hear your feedback.