Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WW Update

I was thinking of discontinuing my WW Online membership, but I think I will keep it for a while longer. I'm not very committed to staying within my weekly points lately... vacation really got me off track! I feel like I've made some good trades at home, and I'm more aware of what I'm eating. I might actually do better with the accountability of meetings, but that's also not how I want to use my free time if I have it!

I'm down to 146.2, which means I've lost more than 10 lbs since I started. I was actually surprised I hadn't gained after the past three weeks of eating, so I'll take it! My Wii Fit seems to think my ideal BMI is 22.0, and I'll hit that at 140 lbs. We'll see when I get there. All I know is that I was in my bathing suit all day yesterday, and I was only self-conscious a few times. I'll take that, too.

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