Wednesday, June 16, 2010

162.18 Miles in 2010

2.89 miles on my home treadmill today. I am just not feeling it this week. Plus, I think we need to calibrate the treadmill somehow. It's so much faster than the gym ones I have run on, and it's giving me more credit than Nike+ on distance. I'm staying with Nike+ as the source of record, but it's frustrating not to know what's right.

Nike+ Graph


MyWorld said...

My Garmin watch always has my distance a little off from what the treadmillls at the gym say. I trust Garmin more and use that mileage for my stuff.

Every body has good weeks and bad. Listen to your body. If it says take it easy, there's probably a reason why (so says the woman who has been in a splint for 10 days now).

Kellsey said...

Nike+ is always wrong for me. I run on measured trails. The trail I KNOW is 3.1 miles comes up as 2.43 or 2.52 or the like on my nike+. It is NEVER right when I run with it.

I have tried to calibrate it, but to no avail. Macon says the only time his nike+ is correct is when he puts his apple nano with the extra little plug in piece in the zip pocket of the stroller that he pushes. For some reason, it is almost always correct when it is in the zipper pocket, but when it is in his hand or strapped to his arm it is always wrong. I cannot even begin to figure out why that is...