Monday, February 1, 2010


So, this is not fun! At all!

I'm starting this year at roughly 155 lbs. By all measures I've seen, that's on the high end of normal for my height based on weight on BMI. I'm actually not in this whole "get in better shape" kick for the weight loss. If that happens... fabulous! But I really just need to be able to be in better shape and healthier. And I like my daily Dr. Pepper and weekly Taco Bueno.

I never want to be that girl that worries about little fluctuations in my weight. To that end, the only scale in our house is the Wii Fit. I had a friend recently freak out about 0.8 lbs of gain (!), and I honestly find that attitude kind of ugly. And if I know my husband at all, he would, too.

Speaking of my husband, right after he took these pictures for me, he said, "I love how you look." He's not perfect, but he got that one right!

Anyway, I have a thin frame. All of my fat (besides my face and upper arms) is in my belly and upper-upper thighs. I have very skinny legs, otherwise. So while 155 isn't "fat," I think it looks fat on me. It's all about distribution, right? And for historical perspective, I graduated high school at about 125 and got married at 135. I think 135-ish would be perfectly reasonable.

(I miss my nursing b00bs!) (And yes, that is a nursing bra, why do you ask?)


Stephani said...

Yay, Lindsay! You go girl! I think you look great!

And what a sweet hubby!

JenFen said...

I love this post for so many reasons. First of all because your husband is right - you do look great and second of all because I know how much courage it must have took to post these pictures. We are our toughest critic.

I am very similar to you in that I have a very thin frame so even though I am in the healthy range for my BMI, I really would like to lose some inches around my mid-section. BUT when I started exercising again in the fall and watching what I ate, I started to become "that girl" because I wanted to see the rewards of all my hard work in terms of numbers so I had to put the scale away and remember all the other benefits there are to working out and eating well BESIDES how it can potentially make you look because frankly I am willing to eat healthy about 80% of the time but I don't want to feel guilty when I want to eat out or have dessert and I refuse to give up my morning cup of coffee with cream and sugar. But the funny thing is that when I stopped obsessing about it, I realized how much more energy I had and lo and behold, my jeans are fitting a little looser.

Wow, I really was rambling there.So anyway, just wanted to let you know that you look great and that I think it is awesome how consistently you have been able to continue towards your goal of getting in those miles. Keep it up!

LauraC said...

Dude just saw the pics from my SD trip and I am carrying a spare tire also. All those buckets and skin cancer glasses of wine.