Saturday, February 20, 2010

44.1 Miles in 2010

This morning, I went and joined the Rec Center in our town. Every time we check out a new service of the PARD, we are impressed, and today was no different. My fees for the year are $60, and if Bryan decides to join, it's only another $45. The downsides are that it is closed on Sunday and has no childcare. 24-Hour Fitness may get me, yet!

I had to wait for one of the three treadmills (cute old people walking!), so I did 2 miles (~.6 challenge miles) on the bike to warm up. Once my turn, I did the following:

Walk .25 miles
Nike+ Walk calibration for 0.5 miles
Nike+ Run calibration for 0.25 miles
3 intervals of:
Walk 0.25 miles
Run 0.25 miles
Walk 0.5 miles

For a total of 3 treadmill miles. Plus the .6 from the bike is 3.6 challenge miles.


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Christy said...

Nice! I've always been impressed with the things they offer! Never joined the Rec Center though. I bet it'll be nice to be on a treadmill instead of outside! :)