Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week4, Day1

I started Week4 this morning - sort of. Half-way through, it was time to turn around and head back towards home. Only that was into the wind, and it was so windy this morning it was difficult to walk into the wind. And it was raining on me. So I just walked home. So I essentially just did half today.

Here's the plan for Week 4:

Walk 5 minutes

Run 3 minutes
Walk 1.5 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Walk 2.5 minutes
Repeat once

Walk 5 minutes

For the walk home, I checked out the progress on the jogging trail that's going in behind our house, along the lake. It was supposed to be ready last weekend, but it's still got a ways to go. I'll be glad to run on it when it's complete, though!

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