Monday, May 4, 2009

Week3, Day3

I got my last Week 3 run in Monday morning while Bryan was still home. Early! It was about 55 degrees outside, and I know I'm going to be missing that soon!

I made it through the intervals, but that last 3-minute run was pretty sloppy. I feel like I need to do this Week 3 plan one more time. Is that cheating?

I am still pleased with how quickly I seem to be recovering. That's encouraging. On the "down" side, my legs are very tired today, and my shins are still pretty sore. They aren't nearly as bad as before I got my new shoes, but if, for example, an almost-three year-old sits on my lap while I am cross-legged and puts any weight on my shins - OUCH!

Also, how can I avoid tomato-face? My face gets SO red and stays red forever afterwards.


LauraC said...

We need some kind of acronym for "Get out of my head." My face gets super red and flushed when I exercise too! I think it's genetic bc it happens to Nate when he runs in heat or gets a fever.

Kimba said...

Great job! Keep up the good work! It gets easier the more you do it. Like I mentioned to you, I just started running again too. I ran before Kyler was born, but haven't since. I always have landmarks as my goal such as a mailbox or car parked, etc. It encourages me to go a little longer when I normally would stop. Then when I make it to the mailbox, I say, okay now let's make it to that tree up there, etc. It helps me to push myself when I am dying! I must have looked like I was truly dying today because a truck stopped and asked if I was okay and if I needed a ride home!!! That was embarrassing! No, I was just beat and RED (my face turns bright red also and always has!) I politely said "no thank you" and made it home.

Amy L said...

My face turns bright red when I work out, too. I think it's just genetics! It doesn't matter how good of shape I'm in - I still get really flushed.

And I don't think it's cheating to repeat a week - the important thing is just to stick with it!

Anne said...

Way to go! Way to hang in there.
Did you watch TBL yet? Talk about inspiring!