Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, and JTC stepped on the inside of my right lower leg. Something... twisted. Ouch. Is it too late for ice?

I had hoped to do my Week2, Day2 run this morning after taking the boys to daycare, but it was a rough morning. Besides that part of my leg still hurting, I was both pooped and peed on. It was already 9:00 and time to work by the time I got the boys to school.

Bryan is out of town, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get my run done tomorrow morning. I may have to sub in a Gazelle workout again. I want to do something to keep my momentum.

Skipping is a slippery slope!


LauraC said...

I would just skip working out for a day to make sure your knee is okay. If you run on it, it might make it worse.

As for working out while Bryan is gone, do you have a double jogger? The reason I ask is that I found I needed two things to be able to keep up my running while Jon is gone - treadmill and double jogger. Obviously the treadmill was a big expense but SO worth it because I can always work out after the boys go to bed. No excuse to not fit exercising into my day ever!

My double BOB fits an Ikea potty underneath it :)

I watch Netflix shows on my ghetto DVD player hookup. That's how I burned through the first two seasons of HIMYM.

(Btw, Barney on Price is Right is my fave HIMYM episode EVER.)

(Also, Marshall looks SO MUCH like Jon's brother Chris, except Chris has crazy highlights and tips.... so you can imagine I had to show Jon the wedding episode and we were both dying laughing. Chris and Marshall look like identical twins in that episode.)

LauraC said...

Okay had more thoughts on this I wanted to clarify... I think the important part is not worrying about getting a specific workout in, but always getting a chance to work out. With me being alone with the kids so much, I needed tools so they did not get in the way of me exercising. I used to have a gym membership but all those little things with kids (like pee and poop and vomit) got in the way of me getting out of the house.

Anyway my intention was not - buy these expensive gadgets - but rather, you may find certain stumbling blocks on the road to fitness.

The other thing I do is run at lunch time and then eat lunch at my desk during conference calls.

LauraC said...

Last comment, I promise. Here's a picture of Jon's brother with his tips:

Note that I am wearing 6 inch platform flips and I still look short compared to the Cases!!