Thursday, March 11, 2010

65.45 Miles in 2010

2.62 miles this morning for Week 4, Day 2. Running for 5 minutes is still hard - I catch myself checking the clock at 4 minutes. At least then there's only a minute left!

I acknowledge that running on the treadmill is much easier than running outside for me. I find it easier to focus, easier to balance, easier to hit a stride. Have I mentioned my balance issues before? I use my eyes to balance. If I close them or block them by taking a drink, etc., I'm all over the place. If I'm on the treadmill that doesn't directly face the TV, I can't look at it. I think this is one of the reasons I'm doing so much better inside than out: I can just point 'em forward and run!

Nike+ graph

(Since Tuesday's run was outside Nike+, my mini me was playing video games and paddleball for the first time - sad! At least I knew it wasn't because I had really missed a workout.)


LauraC said...

Funny, running on the treadmill is much harder than running outside for me because I find the treadmill SO BORING. I use it when I need to, but I'd much rather be looking around.

Today I will hit 300 miles with Nike+. INSANE.

Anne said...

Awesome! I have the same dizzy issues, but I would still rather be outside if it is not too hot or cold!