Wednesday, August 25, 2010

201.56 Miles in 2010

Busted 200, yea! It's hard for me not to also notice that I am about 35 miles behind pace, though.

Anyway, 2.29 miles outside on the trail today. We had a nice cool front blow through with some rain and sub-80 degree temperatures. It's heavenly outside. I'm still struggling with the wheezing. My legs want to do more while my aerobic system is gasping for air. Hopefully this will get better if I just keep pounding on it. Something is better than nothing.

I had hoped I'd be able to run Kellsey's 5k loop with her in a couple of weeks when I am in Austin, but there will likely be walking involved. Sorry, Kells. =( Stupid upper respiratory infection!

My new running skirt was awesome for the outside run! I had my Guardian Angel in one pocket and my ipod in the other with my earbuds snaked through the hole for that purpose. Awesome! This is also the first time since I've had my Road ID that I've "needed" it (i.e., not on a treadmill).

Nike+ Graph (Hey! Looks who's green on Nike+!)


Kellsey said...

Rock on with your 200+ miles! That's awesome. Seriously.

Also, I ALWAYS include walking when I run the trail. ALWAYS. I can get about a mile and a half or two miles without it, but I always walk the big takes 4 minutes to walk across and go back down the spiral ramp. I LOVE that 4 minutes.

Regardless, I knew that you have been sick. I was thinking of maybe trying to run and walk in timed intervals? like 5 minutes running, 1 to 2 minutes walking, and then back through the intervals all the way through the trail. I was thinking it would give you a chance to stretch your legs, but would also give your lungs a chance to continue healing. It is SO hard to start running again after a respiratory infection (I KNOW...I am a regular bronchitis always surprises me how long it takes before my lungs feel up to working specs again.)

email me with your thoughts on intervals and times that would be good for you. 5 and 1? 4 and 2? 4 and 4? whatever you think. We will do. It will be awesome.

LauraC said...

Remind me, do you use an inhaler? Susan D from 500 in 2010 also has problems wheezing when running and her doctor gave her an inhaler, resolved the issue.

Ditto on walking outside to warm up, particularly when it's hot or humid.