Tuesday, July 20, 2010

183.78 Miles in 2010

2.28 miles today at the Rec... where the A/C was broken. I was dripping with sweat after the end of my 5-minute warm-up walk! I cut it short at 15 minutes of running at 5.3, then just walked to cool down until the 30-minute mark. The run felt great besides the sweat! Maybe I can get some more miles in tomorrow, since I don't think I will have too tired legs from this.

(Isn't it great that 15 minutes at 5.3 is a light day now?)

Nike+ Graph

Also, I got a sweet comment from Kellsey saying how hard it is to keep going on a treadmill, etc. Girl, I don't even want to stand outside, so I don't see how you're running 10k's in it. Thank Goodness there are different methods available to go with our different weaknesses!

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Kellsey said...

Ha! Thanks for the props. ;-)
As far as running outside:
I run when it is 6:30 in the morning, and it is still like 76 degrees outside. Then, it's not so bad. Also, at the point, the sun is barely up so it is not beating down on you, and when you run on the trail by the lake, there is usually a cool breeze off the water. The only real killer is that the humidity is like 90% that early in the morning. ugh.
Yay for you for pushing it so hard without the A/C!!! That is like the worst thing I can imagine. Treadmill without A/C. The A/C is the best part about running inside! Also, when you run outside, the actual running cuts through the air and produces a slight breeze-like feeling around you, but in the treadmill, since you are not moving forward, you wouldn't even get that pseudo-breeze. UGH. Good for you!!!!