Wednesday, July 7, 2010

174.36 Miles in 2010

3.18 miles at the Rec last night. Meh. I walked a lot.

I was so exhausted this week from our 4th of July party and all that entails that running was a pipe dream. I was getting exercise, though!

Nike+ Graph


Kara said...

Running has been tough for me lately too! You're right though walking is better than nothing! Keep it up girl you'll be running again before you know it! We all get in ruts.

Kellsey said...

I am so proud of you for going, whether you were walking or running. EVerybody has to have their yucky days. The days where you just go and gut it out at whatever level you can force yourself to do it. I can't stand those days. I find them very unsatisfying. Even so, I agree, exercise is exercise and some is always better than none. so, good for you! Hopefully next time will be better.