Sunday, May 16, 2010

131.66 Miles in 2010

2.96 miles today. I ran around our neighborhood and ended up on the trail behind the house for the last mile or so. It. Was. Hot. Also: chub rub was worse than it has ever been. I pick up my race packet from a running store on Tuesday, so I will be sure and pick up some Glide. If you have another preference, please let me know!

Saturday is race day!

Nike+ Graph


bb and mtb said...

Yay Lindsay!!!! So excited and proud for you. This is a huge accomplishment and you get big KUDOS!!!!!

LauraC said...

Hey maybe TMI for blog, so email me if it would be easier. Where is the chub rub? Is it thigh area? I wear long running shorts almost like bike shorts because even glide is not helpful in summer.