Friday, May 7, 2010

122.57 Miles in 2010

3.73 miles today for Week 9, Day 3. That's right: I've finished the c25k program. Yea! I ran at 5.1 today.

5K is in two weeks, so it's time to move it all outside. I'm hoping to get over to the race location at least once before the race to see what I'm up against. Exciting!

Nike+ Graph


Kara said...

Congrats Lindsay - that is very exciting! You are going to feel awesome when you finish that 5K so keep that feeling in mind! That's how we made it through the CPA exam, right??

Christy said...

YAY! WTG!! How exciting for you!!

JenFen said...

So exciting. Congrats! What an accomplishment.