Sunday, September 5, 2010

214.34 Miles in 2010

2.93 miles on Towne Lake Trail with Kellsey yesterday morning. Technically, it's a 5K loop, but since I've always measured with my Nike+ on here, I will keep with it. We did 5/1.5 run/walk intervals. Despite using my inhaler before the run, I was still wheezing. Darn. I'll blame it on being outside in Austin.

I will update with a Nike+ graph when I get home and synced.

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Kellsey said...

Good thing you ran the trail last weekend and not this weekend. Tropical Storm Hermine definitely had her way with Town Lake Trail. The lake flooded up onto the trail and left behind some of the nastiest sludge-clay stuff. I am so happy that you got to experience the trail when it was dry and lovely. Miss you.