Thursday, January 21, 2010

12 miles in 2010

3 more Walk-at-Home miles during lunch today. I did miles 1, 4 and 5 - my first time to do mile 5. As it turns out, there is a cool down after all! I wondered about that. I wish they had made it separately available on the menu, but that's ok. I'll just try to end with mile 5 from now on.

My legs were tired after the last time, so I took two days off. That, and I had a headache last night. My goal seems to be solidifying into 9 miles/week. I can definitely be happy with that fitness level. I don't know how this is going to affect weight loss, but I'll jump off that bridge at another time. For now, it's good to be doing this!

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Anne said...

so proud of you, and I can tell in your voice that you are feeling good - keep those endorphins jumping!