Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8.28 Miles/148.5 Minutes in 2011

I'm not sure how updated I'm going to keep this blog.  TBD.

Anyway, went for another walk on the trail last Friday and got pretty tired.

Made my triumphant return to the Rec Center today and did the c25k Week 1 workout then walked to 45 minutes.  Feels good to get moving again!


Erin MacPherson said...

Hi Lindsay! I'm so exited to connect with you... I just love your mom Anne! She's wonderful and I've heard so much about you and seen so many adorable pictures of your boys. They are SO cute. And your mom just adores them...she was constantly telling me stories about how wonderful they are. Anyway, looks like you're working on a really fun walk-a-thon thing. I gotta tell you that I'm a total couch potato these days but maybe I'll get motivated after this baby is born!

Are you in Austin now? If so, you HAVE to come to my book release party (bring your mom!) I'd love to meet you in real life! Here's a link to the invite: http://www.pingg.com/rsvp/ki87n3ttjnykng7gk

Kellsey said...

Hey, Linds! Any more runs since Jan. 11? I have really been struggling to run ever since Aidan started kindergarten. These last couple of weeks I have gotten in some, but I have really lost my rhythm. I hate it. I am trying to get back into it. I hope that your rhythm keeps going and that you are able to exercise in the midst of busy season and sickness...and, I hope even more than that that you are not sick anymore! love you!