Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wii Fit, Day 5

Weight down a little - not enough to blink at. I totally botched the balance test, though, and my Wii Fit age was 39!

45 credit session tonight.

I started with the long Basic Run, then Advanced step, Hula Hoop twice (once clockwise, once counter-clockwise), and advanced Rhythm Boxing. I then moved to the yoga section and did everything that I had unlocked so far: Half Moon, Sun Salutation, Warrior, Chair, Standing Knee, Tree, and Palm Tree (this one twice). I had unlocked Snowboard Slalom, so I tried that a couple of times, then worked on eliminating Bryan from the top 10 ski jump scores. I have 8/10 for now. =)

The balance games are the most fun, so I'm trying to use those as bonus for doing other stuff. I am definitely avoiding the strength section, and I need to stop that. Next time!

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Anne said...

Wow! You definitely get kudos for Wii-ing every day! That's awesome. You're moving! It's not about weight, you know. It's about being healthy.