Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well-Being Rewards

Bryan mentioned this months ago, but I finally got around to looking up the Well-Being Rewards program at work. You get points for doing things like getting an annual physical, getting your teeth cleaned, and 30 minutes of physical activity.

So I dutifully entered the things I'd done in the past 60 days (thanks for keeping track for me, Secret Blog!) and quickly racked up 75 points. Then I went to see what that was worth in redemptions.

Dude. They're worth $1/point! At real places I shop like Target and! Hello, Wii!

Looks like you max out at 340 points per year, and it's vague about whether they carry over between plan years at full value... my guess is they don't. And the benefit is taxable... no big deal.

I figure I'll rack up 15 points/week with my jogging program, and I'm scheduled for a teeth cleaning in May! Maybe Bryan can rack some up, too, and we can buy a new toy!


LauraC said...

Although my company does free physicals and free gym onsite, which I took advantage of every day when I was in Chicago. They even had a corporate extension in the gym so people could call!

Can't wait to hear what you get!

Amy L said...

I guess I can add that to my list of things I miss about PwC. I started a Boot Camp class on MWF mornings (at 5:45 am - yikes!) so I would've racked up some good points quickly!